Rrh h shown that children nrlld in Hd Strt rgrm bnfit b receiving frml dutin before kindrgrtn. According t m tudi, hildrn nrlld in these rgrm are mr behaved nd hv highr IQ r upon nrlling kindrgrtn thn their peers withut frml dutin. Likwi, it was hwn that hildrn nrlld in Hd Start programs learned uikr thn children not enrolled in these programs.

Criti f rhl education claim the diffrn btwn hildrn nrlld in r-hl programs nd hildrn nt receiving frml dutin r nl dirnibl during kindergarten, firt, nd nd grd. During subsequent r, hildrn who’ve nt received frml dutin prior t kindrgrtn tt t th same level nd behave lik thir peers with r-kindrgrtn frml dutin. Thrfr, Hd Start children may b at n advantage fr a ul f r, but after that, thir lmt rfrm at similar lvl. Another major problem with Hd Strt rgrm i that hildrn qualifying fr th rgrm uull m from families living below poverty-line, these rgrm r not rdil vilbl for hildrn frm ll bkgrund. Hwvr, children n riv frml education in thr ways thr thn Head Strt rgrm, inluding dr nd rnt thing their young hildrn. Evn thugh children in childcare centre rgrm can develop intlltull, children benefit most whn rnt t at home with thir hildrn nd educate them.

Mt hildhd dutin ilit lim that ung hildrn learn bt when they’re nt pushed too hrd, th hv n opportunity to interact with thir r, nd thir parents and instructors treat thm kindl. Likwi, hildrn lrn best whn instruction nd dutinl tiviti r only a mll rtin f thir d. Thi is especially tru f children nrlld in pre-school programs since it’ not gd fr ung children t b rtd frm thir rnt for xtndd rid f tim. Childrn usually d nt benefit in rgrm with inexperienced thr nd lrg lrm iz.

Childrn tught t an rl g usually bnfit in th following w: imrvd il kill, l r n nd fr il education intrutin during ubunt hl r, bttr grades, nd nhnd attention n. Likwi, some researchers hv concluded that ung hildrn nrlld in r-hl rgrm usually graduate from high school, attend llg, have fwr bhviurl rblm, nd d nt bm involved with crime in thir adolescent nd young dult years.

The rrh dtiling th benefits w mltd during the 80′. In dditin t benefiting children xrining nrml dvlmnt, it w l hwn tht hildrn with learning r thr hil dibiliti bnfit immnl frm r-kindrgrtn education. Al, hildrn with rnt highl invlvd in their pre-kindergarten education d not xrin th same itiv rult from Head Strt rgrm as hildrn ming frm homes whr it’s nt muh n emphasis. Childrn tught how t k a nd language during their early developmental r r l in a bttr itin t learn Englih t a young g.

Many people d not fl the gvrnmnt huld dtrmin whthr hildrn should b required to riv frml pre-kindergarten dutin. On rn for thi i hildrn who r dutd b thir parents during their early developmental r xrin the m bnfit as hildrn nrlld in r-hl rgrm, especially hildrn riving a lot f attention from rnt. Parents diding t educate their ung hildrn thmlv should utiliz rtiv id nd tiviti whn educating thm.

N matter th diffrn in inin about frml r-kindrgrtn dutin, children bnfit from riving m type of dutin during thir rl developmental r. Hwvr, thr i nt n-iz fits ll intrutin bt suited for ll hildrn. Whil m children bnfit immnl from r-hl, it m not b the bt educational setting for other children. In most , hildrn bnfit mt b riving dutinl intrutin frm their rnt. Parents mut vlut a child’s unique personality bfr dtrmining whih rgrm i best suited fr a hild in nt ll rgrm bnfit hildrn th same w.

Why Should Parents Be Involved With Their Child’s Preschool Education?

It is very important that parents take an active role when it comes to preschool and early education of the child importance of child care singapore and prefer to home school . Studies have shown that those children whose parents took more interest in the childs preschool education did better in later years than those whose parents did not. A few of the reasons why it is important to be around when the child is in preschool is because they will be able to give the child various lifelong benefits such as show the child the importance of education, and also develop a good network of connections that may be useful later in life for your child.

Another benefit that can arise from the parent playing a role in the childs education is that the parent will be able to form a link between the school and home. The parents will be able to recreate what the child was doing in the classroom and also extend the activity if the child seems to enjoy it, this will help improve the childs confidence level and also competence in what they are learning.

Having a parent come to school has always been associated with getting into trouble, if the parent takes time out of their busy schedule and makes sure that they make regular visits to the school then there will be a positive attitude to the childs outlook towards a parent-teacher meeting. It can also help the parents and teachers interact with each other and find out the minor aspects that the child is going through or struggling with and this will help personalize the growth of the child.

As these schools are just the beginning of the childs educational journey it is important that they get the most benefit from these schools. By taking part in activities you can observe your child in their world and you can also check on the progress of your child so that you can assess for yourself the points that they need to focus on.

Lastly, one of the most important benefits of having a parent involved with the child is that they will be able to form social connections that can be very valuable in the long run and this is one of the things only a parent can do. They can make friends with other parents that they feel are friendly and are also able to join groups or activities that can help the child.

If you are looking to enrol your child in a preschool, visit https://www.cheriehearts.com.sg/curriculum/preschool-curriculum/ OR Apply now OR RSVP now.

Integrating Mathematics through everyday activity

For many, mathematics is a cause of anxiety and fear, to an extent that many consider mathematics to be a serious phobia. However, if done tries to analyse, there are various reasons as to why mathematics is important.

Firstly, mathematics is the basic methodical application of knowledge and matter. Hence being good in mathematics means you will in general have a more systematic approach towards life.

Secondly, mathematics is the hub of all creations. In any function of life, mathematics is needed. Also, mathematics helps you not get hoodwinked or robbed and acts as a saviour in many situations. Any life function, from seeing the time on your watch to gauging the time taken to reach your destination by knowing the distance, all requires knowledge of mathematics.

Mathematical knowledge can be easily assimilated by making it applicable to real life activities. Apart from basic activities in life, one must keep in mind that we are all growing in an age where information is always at your disposal and mathematical knowledge helps you to keep up with the pace.

Maths in everyday life:

As mathematics is so important in one’s life, it is important that we impart the knowledge of mathematics to the children from a very young age. The knowledge of numbers is very important. It is not possible for a child to gather the knowledge of mathematics all through books, hence parents and teachers should encourage the child to learn mathematics through everyday activities. Even the math tuition classed where parents can apply now to try and integrate the knowledge of mathematics in children through everyday activities.

Children can be taught mental math strategies through everyday activities like counting their toes and fingers, let your child count and tell you how many toys he or she has, let them tell how many slices of bread he or she will have in breakfast. In objects like clocks, phones, remote controls make the child aware of the numbers and how he or she can apply it in their daily lives.

Even the math learning tuition classes where you apply now to innovate methods are used to teach children mathematics. Every day, the objects that the child sees are used to integrate the knowledge of mathematics in the child. This is done to increase the child’s interest in mathematics and not make it look like an added academic burden.

Relevance of Learning through Play

Constant learning can wear out the brain for children and adults alike. That is why extracurricular activities in schools are encouraged for kids so that they do not feel the pressure of an excessive workload. Here are some of the reasons why playing also works in the growth of the child.

Games in the Classroom

An interactive session of games in the classroom works wonders as it enables children to break out of the monotony. It also gives the shy child an opportunity to add something concrete. For instance, a word ending game gets children ready to learn something new. It also adds to the fun when there are winners along the way. In fact, the child who does not score high marks in class may surprise everyone and become the winner!

Abacus as a Sum of the Play Time

The concept of learning how to add and subtract in early childhood learning is easy when there is an intelligent visual stimulus. Abaci, a formula of calculations enables the brainpower of the average child to peak considerably as the apparatus is appealing and definitely provides recall and recognition along the way. Ergo, when you include this in an informal setting, children will get past their math difficulties and let go of their inhibitions.

Sport is a Necessity

Participating in games outside the classroom must be made a necessary feature as this empowers a holistic approach to the overall scheme of learning. While the child plays games like hockey, football, basketball, cricket, gymnastics, or just using the swing, he learns how to work in a team and the concept of sharing. By passing the ball and learning how to dribble or generally balance the beam, he enters a constructive learning curve.

Language and the Learning Experience

One cannot dispute the fact that learning a new language pretty much makes you open to a myriad opportunities. From the perspective of a child who is taught to communicate in a language that he is familiar with, makes the process of learning relatively easier. By inculcating a love for Mandarin, children used to study in a language other than Mandarin are open to interesting challenges and attending enrichment classes for kids . It enables them to learn while playing with kids their own age and imbibing the various cultural norms as well.

Visit http://www.chengzhu.edu.sg/mandarin-centre/ OR Apply now for more details on the methodology used by this fine preschool. If you are keen on an overall growth for your child, a balance of play and study works phenomenally well.

Components That Ensure Success In Your Online Marketing Strategies

There are a number of components that can help you start off and improve on online marketing. The first step is reevaluating the effectiveness of your current strategies to establish weaknesses and strengths. Once this is done, you can then decide to revamp or replace your strategies. Below are some of the components of online marketing.

1. Website design

Your website is the face of your company on the internet. A successful online marketing campaign is built around a versatile, professional and clean website. It should be easy for clients to navigate and find products.

With 25% of web surfers using mobile devices and never or rarely using desktops, think about how you can optimize the website for mobile devices. You should also include a call to action that makes visitors think about how your company can do for them. In writing content, ensure to include relevant keywords so it can be optimized for visibility on search engines.

2. Launch a blog

It is worth integrating a blog with your website given that companies which blog get 55% more visitors that those that don’t. A blog should have relevant information. Make sure to enable subscribe through email and RSS. Your blog should also be easy to share through the social media and easy to interact with.

3. Search engine optimization

Many potential users start their buying at the search engines to find products that suit their needs. The trick is that due to high competition among online businesses, companies need to ensure that their website or blog ranks highly on search results in the search engines as one of the strategies of internet marketing in Singapore. Each of the pages should be optimized for the search engines. You should also do some keyword research and especially include long tail keywords.

4. Email marketing

It is used to substitute website marketing. Email marketing can help you achieve personalized selling faster than usual. First, ensure that the template has an attractive design. The email should also deliver useful and relevant information to readers.

5. Social media

There are several advantages of using the social media for marketing, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. It becomes possible to create a community and interact with your followers. After creating social media pages, you can then use social media to reach the audience through status updates, media, and blogs. Viral content can, for instance, reach a huge audience at a go.

6. Analytics

Measuring of performance is an important aspect for any blog, website, email and social media. You can use analytics to know and understand who came to your website, when a d what they were looking for.

It is important to employ a variety of strategies for internet marketing in Singapore in order to win more clients for your business. Ensure to first analyze the usability of each of the strategies and then to optimize each for better results. One can also trace performance for each of the strategies.