Month: October 2018

Integrating Mathematics through everyday activity

For many, mathematics is a cause of anxiety and fear, to an extent that many consider mathematics to be a serious phobia. However, if done tries to analyse, there are various reasons as to why mathematics is important.

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Firstly, mathematics is the basic methodical application of knowledge and matter. Hence being good in mathematics means you will in general have a more systematic approach towards life.

Secondly, mathematics is the hub of all creations. In any function of life, mathematics is needed. Also, mathematics helps you not get hoodwinked or robbed and acts as a saviour in many situations. Any life function, from seeing the time on your watch to gauging the time taken to reach your destination by knowing the distance, all requires knowledge of mathematics.

Mathematical knowledge can be easily assimilated by making it applicable to real life activities. Apart from basic activities in life, one must keep in mind that we are all growing in an age where information is always at your disposal and mathematical knowledge helps you to keep up with the pace.

Maths in everyday life:

As mathematics is so important in one’s life, it is important that we impart the knowledge of mathematics to the children from a very young age. The knowledge of numbers is very important. It is not possible for a child to gather the knowledge of mathematics all through books, hence parents and teachers should encourage the child to learn mathematics through everyday activities. Even the math tuition classed where parents can apply now to try and integrate the knowledge of mathematics in children through everyday activities

Children can be taught mental math strategies through everyday activities like counting their toes and fingers, let your child count and tell you how many toys he or she has, let them tell how many slices of bread he or she will have in breakfast. In objects like clocks, phones, remote controls make the child aware of the numbers and how he or she can apply it in their daily lives.

Even the math learning tuition classes where you apply now to innovate methods are used to teach children mathematics. Every day, the objects that the child sees are used to integrate the knowledge of mathematics in the child. This is done to increase the child’s interest in mathematics and not make it look like an added academic burden.

Tips to improve your mental math ability

Mental math strategy is the ability to be able to calculate in your mind, manually without a pen and paper. Now a days all of us carry with us one device or the other for calculating simple sums. There is a calculator in our mobile which we use very easily. But there some exams where you do not have the time to use a calculator and you need to do a mental calculation to select the closest possible accurate answer. In these situations you would require an enhanced ability to calculate the answers mentally.

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Doing the exact calculation mentally saves time and you can use it to do other parts of the questionnaire which require more of your time. It can provide you an estimate so that you can tick mark the correct answer in a multiple choice format question paper.

Here are some tips to improve your mental math ability

Try to calculate from left to right

When you aim to do mental calculations try and switch the order and calculate from left to right. This can help you to calculate faster and more accurately and you can be intuitive about the result too which can help you figure out the results effectively.

Try and memorize building blocks

It is important that you memorize the basic building blocks of math such as the multiplication tables. This is an important aspect of mental math and it needs to be kept in mind while doing mental math. If you remember your tables you can easily find answers to tough mathematical questions and also save time while you are at it. Hence it is recommended that you memorize the tables well if you have forgotten them.

Make good use approximations

When doing mental math its ok to use approximations while calculating your sums as it can help you in multiple choice questions and in exams where you do not have a lot of time in your hand. It is best to make an informed and well calculated estimate and approximation otherwise it will be no better than a guess and you do not want to make mistakes depending on a guess. Thus approximations can be made good use of while calculation the sums mentally and looking for the right answer especially in time bound situations.

If you encounter a big problem, break them into a small bunch of problems

It always helps to break down a big problem into a bunch of small problems. This can have many advantages. Firstly it helps you simplify the problem and make the task a little less daunting. It can help you relax and solve the problem step by step, one at a time. Breaking it down can give you the correct answer much easily because mentally half the task is done when you have broken down the problem at its core and already started to solve it. This can be considered a very fruitful trick to solve a problem.

Practice on every day chores

The easiest way to hone your skills could be to practice mental calculations on everyday chores such as grocery shopping. Before you move to the billing counter try and do a mental calculation regarding the final amount and tally it with the calculator at the billing counter later. This can be a great practice wherein you can do it on a regular basis as grocery shopping is done pretty often.

Mental math ability is not a special gift that you might see on TV, and it can definitely be trained from daily tasks or by attending Math specialist classes. Depending on what you need it for, there are many places you can go to to become good at mental math.