Edutainment: Benefits of educational cartoons for preschoolers


One thing we can never keep our kids away from is cartoons. Kids naturally have a preference to colourful talking creatures than to actual human faces. They are also more likely to follow and learn from them, than they will ever learn from us. Though for some parents, it is still a debate to whether watching TV is beneficial for their child or not, most of us have realized that it comes with several benefits.

DocMuffins, Sesame Street and some other cartoons have become really popular among the preschoolers in Singapore. Personal observations by parents as well as research has shown that kids who watch such programs show better performance at school. Moreover, longitudinal studies have shown that viewers of these programs have shown better socio-cognitive development than non viewers even during adulthood, suggesting a long term sustained impact.
Here are some common benefits of educational cartoons for your preschool and kindergarten children:
1 Learning the language: It is during the preschool and early school years that the human brain is ready to learn a new language. The brain at this age can learn new words, acquire and understand rules of grammar faster than a brain at any other age. All schools and most <preschools Singapore> have a bilingual curriculum that includes English and a mother tongue. These shows can be extremely helpful for especially those children who don’t have English as their mother tongue. Such shows provide them with sufficient exposure of the language. Most programs are designed to improve vocabulary. The highly visual nature of these programs makes it extremely easy for our children to learn new words every day to describe the world around them.
Apart from language, these shows also focus on basic academics like counting, shapes and colours.
2. Moral development: While some might think, it is too soon to think about moral development during preschool years; every day in your child’s life is a chance to make them a better human and teach them how to make the right choices in the long run. Being told what is right and wrong by the parent might just seem like new information to the child. However looking at their favourite cartoon characters doing the right things actually helps them to understand the difference. Such programs also usually have distinct ‘black’ and ‘white’ characters, hardly leaving any room for debate or interpretation, sending simple and clear messages to our chid.
3. Social skills: Cartoons teach our child the basic rules of conversations as easily as it can be taught. They learn how to be kind and polite. They learn how to interact with different people around them and the basic manners involved. Again, they learn it better from their favourite cartoons than being told by parents. Quite a few cartoons also have time spaces that allow kids to respond to certain questions from the characters. Stimulated conversations just quicken the child’s interest and can especially be helpful to children struggling with speech or talking.
4. Enhance imagination and creativity: One benefit that cartoons undoubtedly have over children is that they enhance their imaginations and give them more scope to be creative. Children start imagining more places and people, not restricted by the patterns they see in real world. It opens possibilities for fantasies and new ideas. Research studies have shown that kids who regularly watch cartoons can come up with better ideas and solutions than those who don’t. These programs stimulate experiences for children which they otherwise can’t go through at the given age. This eventually fosters their imagination, creativity and even critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Educational cartoons can be the safest and best form of media exposure you can give to your kids. Remember to supplement it with outdoor games and real time spent with family and friends.

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