Exploring the World of Secondary School and Junior College Tuition Centres

It is sometimes difficult for students of A and O levels to carry on with their academics within their educational institutions. It is due to high competition in these institutes besides learning capability of every student. For instance, some students find it hard to master the English language and when they realize the actual motif and purpose behind learning, the art become effective and easy for them.

There are tuition centres especially designed for meeting the requirements of O and A level. They work by engaging students in different and interesting group activities, which helps students in achieving meaning and learning outcomes. They have systematic test and trial system of working which has been designed in line with the GCE and O level system of study. If talk about any language issues with students, then writing skills is enforced so students learn by practical writing.

Comprehensive courses

The focus of tuition centres is towards designing of comprehensive and composition courses, which starts at secondary levels of 1,2 and 3. The teaching methodology also covers the current issues being faced by the world apart from enhancing general knowledge of the students. Also some clue is drawn from the past years paper pattern to guide the students.

Students are also challenged to critically analyse the problem under hand and foster out of the box thinking. Teachers are constantly supported to enhance their teaching skills by using interactive teaching methodologies and up to date teaching techniques.

Centre certification and quality

As the child moves to secondary level 1, the course becomes slightly tricky and difficult, when compared with junior classes. There are certain centres where these courses are conducted. Some centres are also equipped with certification services which confirm the authentication of the courses being taught as well as other certificates which students get from these centres.

Tuition centres in Singapore are also equipped with excellent learning ambiance in the form of airy classrooms having capacity of accommodating at least 18 students per class. Also classes are equipped with necessary whiteboards and other digital visualizer. Also internet facility and laptops/computers are also available for students. There are some centres who also allow virtual tours of their centres for parents to see if the centre is the wise option for their kids.

Tuition: yes or no?

So the question comes is it wise to send your kids to tuition centres which are highly expensive? The answer to this question is yes. Because the cash which you will spent on your child will be returned in the form of knowledge he/she will gain throughout that time. The experience which a child will get at the tuition centre will be taken with him to his classroom and he/she will be at added advantage. It is also true that the overall grades of the child will also improve and he/she will have an edge over other students in the class.

As compared to the normal classroom sizes, the strength of students in tuition centres is pretty less which helps tutor pay maximum attention towards each student. Also some tutors in these centres are those who move from abroad and are unable to carry out long working hour’s school job. When such tutors are engaged in tuition centres, they bring in their vast experience and students can very well benefit from that.


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