Creative writing for kids in Singapore

If your child has an active imagination and has a thirst for writing, we can guide him with these super fun classes of creative writing for kids in Singapore.

Whether your child dreams of being a writer or just likes to make up stories, creative writing is a cathartic exercise that allows children to make sense of what is happening in their lives and their ever-changing feelings. Its something they can try out on their own at home, but if you want to provide a bit more guidance, here is how we guide creative writing classes for kids in Singapore.

With so ample amount of creative writing classes available in Singapore , it is common for its very concept to escape us.

Approaches to Creative Writing

Our creative writing program greatly aids in the development of techniques for composition writing. It does not interfere or has overlaps with the regular English curriculum that we teach our students. We mainly focus on it three important components of the 3 Minds.

The Champion Mind

Celebrating the individual students uniqueness, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming struggle to attain success.

The Learning Mind

Learning How to learn strategies that actively assist our learner to understand, store, recall and create material and concepts.

The Creative Mind

Linking many perspectives and incorporating them to generate new and creative ideas.

What Our Program is about?

The program is planned in accordance with the students ability. It is designed so as to work hand in hand with what the child is already learning at school. It focuses on the understanding and creative aspects of writing, rather than attempting to force a mechanical approach, before each student has adopted the super important desire to write.

During the program, an emphasis is placed on engaging the childs imagination, before facilitating writing from that engagement. Moreover, it provides the grammatical structures to allow for glowing appearance of the childs ideas.

Tips for creative writing for Singaporean kids:

How to start:

Like any other fear, one of the best ways to get past the I am not able to write phase is to just start writing. Often as the pen starts moving, kids should become less self-conscious and they start writing. If its gibberish, well so what? Nobody creates a masterpiece on the first attempt. Creative writers do not have a lack of ideas. Writers get a block when they are not able to really pinpoint where to start.

Think of what to write about:

The most basic and sort of difficult thing to consider is what the topic should be. Scoping the content is important as it sets what we are going to achieve at the end of the written piece. The best thing for creative writing is to sketch an outline of the story and then from there, you can add in the flesh. Less is more, meaning that in writing it is always okay to use simple words, short sentences and to begin with simple dialogues.

Enjoy the moment:

The best moments of creating anything is when there is joy in the process of creation. The sky is the limit when it comes to being imaginative and the world is the oyster when we attempt to visualize it through words. Start by picking up a pen. Enjoy the moment. Good luck!

A message for the parents

An acute sense of creativity in writing can also be cultivated from a young age of kids in Singapore. Parents can help develop enthusiasm from writing by encouraging their children to keep a writing journal, writing two pages a week. This helps encourage their champs to write freely about anything that interests them. We can guide interested parents and answer queries they might have. So what are you waiting for! Visit us now!


About Carol Rodriguez

Carol Rodriguez is a 29-year-old lab assistant who enjoys bowling, reading and duck herding. She is considerate and reliable, but can also be very stingy and a bit impatient.

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